Please be advised that Public Works and Environmental Services will be conducting a routine Sewer Cleaning during the week of June 26th 2017. Scheduled street are as followed:

Abbey Hill Dr, Heathcliffe Crt, Abbotsford Rd, Laurie Crt, Airlie Pl, McKitrick Dr, Ardagh Gate, Melanie Cr, Balbair Rd, Morrena Rd, Ballantrae Way, Oakburn Rd, Banning Rd, Old Colony Rd, Barra Ave, Oriole Ave, Binscarth Cr, Paddock Way, Boylston Ln, Post Rd, Braco St, Rickey Pl, Bradley Farm Crt, Rothesay Dr, Carbrooke St, Scharf Lane, Carriage Crt, Seabrooke Dr, Castlefrank Rd, Sheldrake Dr, Coburn Ave, Sherwood St, Country Ln. E, Shouldice Cr, Country Ln. W, Singal St, Courtney Rd, St. Andrews Cir, Davies Crt, Summer St, Desmond Ave, Surrey Lane, Dundegan Dr, Turret Crt, Dunoon Pl, Uxbridge Cr, Glamorgan Dr, Village Green, Glenmoriston Ave, Williams Walk, Gowrie Dr, Winchester Dr, & Guilford Crt.


With this work there is always a potential that it could affect homeowners. Please take a look at the following tips to protect your home and property from any potential damage:

  • Ensure footing drains direct water to the storm sewer or sump pump, away from the foundation. Footing drains should not be connected to the sanitary sewer system.
  • Ensure water run-off on the property is flowing to the ground surface or storm drainage system, not the sanitary system.
  • Install protective plumbing devices (such as backwater valves) that protect against sewer backups, and inspect them regularly.
  • Ensure service pipes between the municipal sewer main and the house are in good operating condition.
  • In rare instances, the pressure from sewer cleaning operations can create a vacuum and blowback water through home fixtures, such as toilets. During this period, it is important to keep the toilet lids down at all times. If your house experiences a blowback, please contact the City immediately at 3-1-1 or by e-mail at 311@ottawa.ca.


Week in Review

Thank you to Beyond Yoga Studios for partnering with me for free Yoga in the Park sessions.  It was great to see so may of you out last Saturday.

I was pleased to sponsor and also present Kanata South resident Riley Bourgaize with a Bursary though Hockey of Eastern Ontario (HEO).  Riley is currently finishing his last year of high school at Holy Trinity and has played in the Kanata Minor Hockey system for 11 years in both house and competitive leagues.  Riley will be attending Carleton in the enrolled in the Biology and Health Sciences Program. Congratulations Riley!


Yoga in the Park is back!

I am happy to once again be partnering with Beyond Yoga Studio to host three free outdoor

Yoga in the Park sessions this June/July.  Dates this year are:

  • Saturday June 24th: 9-10am, Huntsman Park
  • Saturday July 1st: 9:30-10:30am, Canada Day in Kanata, KRC – 100 Charlie Rogers Place


Door-to Door Sales Scams

The City of Ottawa is warning residents to be aware of door-to-door salespeople posing as water-quality technicians, making false claims about the quality of City drinking water.

These individuals have been known to approach residents to sell water filtration or treatment systems and provide incorrect information pertaining to water quality.

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment has rated Ottawa’s drinking water as being among the safest in the world.  In addition, the City has an extensive drinking water quality analysis program.

Residents are reminded that:

  • City employees do not contact residents to sell products or services
  • Except for emergency situations, home access is scheduled in advance
  • City employees carry identification at all times – you have the right to ask for ID
  • City employees always travel in City of Ottawa logo-identified marked vehicles
  • Should you have concerns or wish to report suspicious visits or calls, please contact 3-1-1


2017 Project

As a 2017 project I am pleased to invite you to join me in documenting the people, places and activities that make Kanata South a great place to live, work and play.

Please send me your ideas of who you think should be highlighted in our book and why.

More details regarding this project can be found on my website under the Community tab.


Upcoming Events

June 24th: Hazeldean Library Cultural Day Celebration – 10:30am-12:30pm, various activities.  Call 613-580-2940 for more details

June 24th: Bridlewood Community Block Party event, Eva James Memorial Community Centre, 65 Stonehaven Drive.  Details can be found at www.Bridlewood.ca

June 30-July 1st: Kanata Festival of Beer at Walter Baker Park (100 Charlie Rogers Place). Details www.kanatafestivalofbeer.com

July 1st: Canada Day in Kanata!  Activities all at Walter Baker Park, 100 Charlie Rogers Place. Details can be found at www.CanadaDayinKanata.com


Working for Kanata South:

It is my privilege to serve as your Councillor. Please feel free to contact my office with any concerns or comments, by phone: 613-580-2752, or by email: allan.hubley@ottawa.ca. . You can also visit my website for more information: www.councillorallanhubley.ca or follow me on Twitter: @AllanHubley_23