Bylaw Parking Restrictions

On Street Parking Restrictions Department of Corporate Services


Parking Prohibited – Whether Signs Have Been Erected or Not:

A. In excess of three (3) hours between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.;

B. within 300 metres of previous parking space within one (1) hour;

C. within 9 metres of an intersection;

D. within 3 metres of a fire hydrant;

E. within 1.5 metres of a driveway;

F. on a roadway which is 6 metres or less in width;

G. on any portion of a highway not intended for vehicle parking;

H. during snow removal and street sweeping operations;

I. angle parking is permitted on a highway where the angle has been designated by signs or markings on the roadway;

J. no person shall remain parked on any highway where there are parking meters unless such vehicle is parked entirely within the area designated as a parking meter space.



7. No person shall park a vehicle or permit a vehicle to remain parked on any highway:

a. within nine (9) metres of an intersection;

b. within three (3) metres of a point on the curb or edge of roadway opposite a fire hydrant;

c. in front of or within one and one-half (1.5) metres of a laneway or driveway;

d. so as to obstruct a vehicle in the use of any laneway or driveway;

e. in such a position that will prevent the convenient removal of any other vehicle previously parked or standing;

f. so as to prevent or impede the ingress to or egress from a metered parking space despite its use for any other purpose;

g. for the purpose of displaying the vehicle for sale;

h. for the purpose of greasing, or repairing the vehicle except for such repairs as have been necessitated by an emergency;

i. for the purpose of stripping or partially stripping the vehicle except for such stripping as has been necessitated by an emergency;

j. on the roadway where the roadway width is six (6) metres or less;

k. subject to paragraph (l) hereof, on an inner boulevard; or

l. on a driveway within one half (0.5) metre of a sidewalk, or if there is no sidewalk, within one and one half (1.5) metres of the roadway.

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