Carp Water Update

This morning, results of the latest water quality tests were positive (good). The test results permit the City of Ottawa to terminate the boil water advisory.

The water is now safe to drink.

The Carp water distribution site will close at 1100 hours.

Environmental Services continues to work on the mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and communication components related to the operation of the pumping station and the water distribution system in Carp.  Environmental Services and Ottawa Public Health will continue to monitor water quality.

Information recap:

  1. The Carp Fire and Water event started on 2012 July 22.
  2. The City of Ottawa has been in ‘enhanced operations’ since 1630 hours, July 22.
  3. The Fire was under contained  at 1000 hours, July 23.
  4. The Fire was under control at 1900 hours, July 23.
  5. This event terminated at 1100 hours, July 25.
  6. The City of Ottawa enhanced operations duration was 66.5 hours.
  7. Flyer campaign (boil water advisory):
    1. 551 metered residences
    2. 1800 residents
    3. 34 volunteers participated over 2.5 hours

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