Clarification on the Status of the Eagleson Road Bridge

 Contrary to recent comments in the EMC Kanata Kourier the city’s Public Works and Legal Services have agreed with my recommendation to close the Eagleson bridge to pedestrian traffic until repairs can be completed and a proper sidewalk can be installed leading up to the bridge.  

We recognize that the previously published remarks by another Councillor has created confusion and appreciate this opportunity to clarify that myself and the City of Ottawa, do not encourage anyone to try walking across that bridge until it is safe to do so. 

Councillor Wilkinson and I met with staff and MTO officials to ensure that every effort will be made to get the issues resolved however, any suggestion that it is ok to walk across the bridge if you miss the bus was not supported by city staff, Transportation Committee or Council.  

Both Councillor Wilkinson and I have asked staff to identify the costs for a full sidewalk leading to the bridge ‎however funding has not been approved until MTO can provide details of their changes which will likely be later this spring at the earliest.

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