Bridgestone/Foxhall Mini Roundabout




Earlier this year a mini roundabout was installed as a pilot project at the intersection of Bridgestone and Foxhall in Bridlewood.  The purpose of this roundabout was to slow down traffic along this stretch of road that includes a school entrance, sports fields, the biggest park in Bridlewood and a splash pad.

As a pilot project, we hope to develop a design that will eventually be implemented across the City.‎ Since being elected to serve as your Councillor, I have brought in several pilot projects to address concerns raised by residents and we have experienced significant success. We appreciate your feedback as we finalize the design of this project as well.

The Traffic Department has continued to regularly study and monitor this pilot project. Fantastic preliminary results have shown a 15km/h reduction in speed along Bridgestone, proving that the roundabout is working as intended.  However, this is a pilot project and upon further review, it has been determined that additional design changes are required to ensure safety and maximize the benefits. As a result, temporary stop signs will be erected at this intersection for the winter months and modifications will be made in the spring.

Changes to the design of the roundabout will be ongoing until the mini-roundabout is functional and safe with the goal in mind to make the streets as safe as possible for residents.

I would like to thank you for your patience while we continue to improve the safety of our community.




Mini roundabout at the intersection of Bridgestone at Foxhall:

For snow clearing purpose, the flex curbs from the Centre Island and Splitter Island were removed on Nov 23, 2015.

After the removal of these curbs, few complaints were received indicating that the drivers are not only speeding but also confused if the intersection is still operating as a mini roundabout. As such, a site visit was conducted at this location on Nov 24, 2015 and has determined that following signs and pavement markings are currently maintained.

  • Yield signs on all approaches to indicate that the drivers need to yield the traffic that are already in the circle (Image 1).
  • After the removal of flex curbs, circulatory signs were installed underneath al the yield signs (as shown on image 1) to indicate that the intersection is still operating as roundabout.
  • ‘Roundabout Ahead + 20km/hr speed tab’ are located at approx 50-70m prior to all approaches to warn drivers about upcoming roundabout (image 2)
  • Ladder markings on all approaches with ‘Peds Yield to Traffic’ signs to indicate that pedestrian need to yield to traffic (image 3)
  • After the removal of the flex curbs , the centre island was painted with hatch markings to improve the visibility of the circle (image 4)
  • Hatch marking splitter islands to provide deflection on all approaches (image 5)
  • Flex posts on west side of Bridgestone to provide deflection in the southbound direction

Based on above review, it can be said that the signs/markings at this intersection meet expected conditions to indicate that the intersection is still operating as mini roundabout. The plan is to maintain the mini roundabout throughout the winter 2015.

During a site visit, an operational review was conducted for fifteen minutes. Please see below for the summary of review:

  • 8 out of 14 total vehicles travelling in the northbound direction were going over the circle instead of going around the circle.
  • 9 out of  9 total vehicles travelling in the southbound (thru) direction were travelling around the circle
  • One vehicle in the southbound  direction turning left went over the circle instead of going around the circle
  • Three westbound right turn vehicles were driving appropriately


Next steps:

  • Conduct speed survey on Bridgestone to compare post installation data with and without flex curbs (By Dec 15)
  • Implement traffic camera to monitor if the intersection is operating as mini roundabout in absence of flex curbs. Review if there is any conflicts between NB thru vs SB thru,  SBLT vs NB thru, WBLT vs SB thru  and WBLT vs NB thru movements (by Dec 15, 2015)
  • Summarize all speed data (by Feb 15, 2016)
  • Provide results (by March 15, 2016)