Stonehaven/Steeple Chase/Bridgestone

The intersection of Bridgestone Drive / Steeple Chase Drive and Stonehaven Drive lies in the heart of the Bridlewood community in Kanata South.  The intersection is currently controlled by an all-way stop, which is experiencing an unacceptable level of service in the morning and afternoon peak periods.  All three roads are currently classified as collector roadways.  The immediate vicinity of the intersection is built-out, with some additional development still to occur to the south-east along Stonehaven Drive.  A traffic count was conducted at this intersection in the fall of 2011, which showed that the interesection warranted an upgrade. A Roundabout was identified as  both the safest alternative and the most cost effective solution to the grid lock we have today.

The intersection of Stonehaven Drive between Eagleson Road and Bridlewood Drive is being widened in the summer of 2012.  The  intersection of Bridgestone Drive / Steeple Chase Drive and Stonehaven Drive is not included in the limits of the widening project; however, its close proximity to the planned construction to the west would cause significant additional construction related disruption to the community should the proposed roundabout  be approved.  The intent is to minimize the impact on the community and build the proposed roundabout within the same construction period.

For roundabout inquiries:

Campbell Inwood, E.I.T.

Traffic Management and Operational Support Branch

Tel: 613-580-2424, ext. 23072


For construction inquiries:

Arun Singh, P.Eng., Project Manager

Design & Construction Municipal West

Infrastructure Services Department, City of Ottawa

Tel: 613-580-2424, ext. 27800





Construction of Stonehaven Drive Widening

Eagleson Road to Bridgestone Steeple Chase Drive

Contract No. ISD12-5085

  Please note that the construction of Stonehaven Drive roadway widening between Eagleson Road and Bridgestone Drive/Steeple chase Drive intersection including a roundabout at this intersection is scheduled to begin June 25, 2012. The work is scheduled to be completed by Thursday, 15th November, 2012.  The general contractor for the work is Goldie Mohr Ltd.  Construction work for the relocation of underground utility plant had already started at the beginning of May, 2012 to facilitate the roadway construction.

The Contractor will be restricted from working during the morning and afternoon Peak hours from Monday to Friday inclusive.  One traffic lane in each direction will be in operation on all roads within the project limit, at all times.  Access to all adjacent properties and to pedestrians will be maintained during the construction.

The roadworks will consist of widening of Stonehaven Drive on north and south side between Eagleson Road and Bridgestone/Steeple Chase Drive and Eagleson Road to Bridlewood Drive respectively.   The single southbound left turn lane on Eagleson Road will be converted to southbound double left by modifying the pavement markings.  The work will involve excavation, placement of granular materials and hot mix asphalt, new concrete sidewalk and curbs.  The existing traffic signals at the Stonehaven Drive and Willow Glen Drive will be upgraded.  A new roundabout will replace the stop controlled intersection at Stonehaven Drive and Steeple Chase/ Bridgestone Drive intersection.  As part of landscaping work, new trees will be planted, where space permits.

This work may result in some inconvenience to you such as delays in travelling through the construction zone, noise and dust during construction.  Any damage to your lawn or driveway as a result of the City’s work will be repaired as soon as possible during construction, at no cost to you.

 Special Assistance

 Should you or any member of your household require special assistance when walking through the construction site due to physical or visual impairment, contact the General Contractor or City Contract Administrator.

The City is committed to minimizing any disruption and inconvenience to the public during construction.  We again would like to thank you for your patience and co-operation during the construction.  IF you have any questions or concerns during the construction please call the Contractor’s Representative or the Contract Administrator on site.


Contractor’s Representative: Michael Buch, P.Eng.Estimator/Project ManagerGoldie Mohr Ltd.Cell: (613) 223-1984


Contract Administrator P.S. (Raj) Rajput, P.Eng.Contract AdministratorIBI GroupCell: (613) 863-3145


City’s Project Manager: Arun Singh, P.Eng.Senior Project Manager,Construction Services Division – West(613) 580-2424. Ext/ 27800


 UPDATE AUG 27, 2012

A work order has been issued for the painting of the Stonehaven roundabout.  Staff have requested that the pavement markings be applied on August 30th, and specified that these markings should be installed prior to the beginning of school next week.

How to Navigate a Roundabout

With the Stonehaven roundabout now in place – but not the finished product, as further improvements are coming – City staff will be distributing flyers to area residents with information on how to navigate through the roundabout.

To learn more about safely navigating a roundabout as both a pedestrian and motorist, as well as further information on roundabouts in our city, please visit:

Roundabout Interactive Video

Roundabout FAQ’s