How Will I Get Through The Gate?


Getting through the fare gate and onto the O-Train Confederation and Trillium Line platforms will be fast and easy.



As you enter O-Train stations, you will see a row of fare gates. To open the fare gate, simply tap your fare on the card reader located on the right-hand side of the fare gate – then walk right through!  Appropriate fares are a smartcard (Presto card, U-Pass, or STO Multi card), OC Transpo bus transfer, or a single-fare ticket or day pass purchased from the nearby ticket machine. It is important to note that paper bus tickets will be discontinued and will not be accepted.


Transit is free on Wednesdays for seniors 65+, so seniors going through a fare gate will need to use a Presto card set with the senior discount. Once that discount is set, seniors will be able to tap their Presto card and open the fare gate for free.


Customers using an assistive mobility device or with a stroller, bicycle or luggage can use the designated accessible fare gate. This gate is wider and has an additional smartcard reader at an accessible height.


There will be no need to tap or scan your fare when you exit an O-Train station because the gate will open automatically as you walk through.
For more information on the O-Train Confederation Line, please visit OC Transpo’s “Ready for Rail” web section at or contact OC Transpo at 613-741-4390.