Upcoming OC Transpo Service Changes – Winter 2016/2017


Changes to Routes Effective Dec. 25

Route 61 becomes new Connexion Route 269

Route 62 becomes new Connexion Route 267

Route 66 becomes new Connexion Route 256


Connexion Routes continue serving the same local stops. All morning trips serve Bayshore Station for better connections to Carling Campus on Moodie. Afternoon trips no longer stop at Westboro, Dominion, Lincoln Fields or Pinecrest stations (connect at Bayshore Station).

I am happy to announce that the 4:10pm Route 66 bus arriving at Mackenzie King Bridge currently operating with a 40-foot bus will be assigned an articulated (60ft) bus in the new year as long as ridership levels remain high enough to warrant the need for this size of bus.
Route 162
Evening trip timing changes to better align with shift end times of Tanger Outlet employees.

Route 167
Trip timing changes to improve connections at Terry Fox Station.


New fares Starting New Year’s Day

Express premiums fares are eliminated.

If you usually buy an Express pass, you will only need to buy a Regular pass for January.

Morning peak-period trips on Para Transpo service no longer require a premium fare or top-up.

Student monthly pass replaced with a new Youth monthly pass, open everyone 19 and under.


For more information please visit: http://www.octranspo.com/routes/new_winter_service_starting_dec_25