OC Transpo Service Expanded to Growing Communities Beginning December 24, 2017

As noted in my October 19 Kanata Kourier column, OC Transpo service is being expanded to growing communities beginning Sunday, December 24. This includes Kanata, Stittsville, Ottawa West, Barrhaven, Riverside South, Ottawa South, Central Ottawa, Ottawa East and Orléans. The 17 new high-capacity double-decker buses entering their fleet will allow OC Transpo to provide approximately 950,000 additional customer trips annually.

I would like to take an opportunity to share more information on the service expansions which will benefit Kanata South residents.

– Will be extended to serve Hope Side Road and Cope Drive
– Will use the newly opened West Transitway instead of Highway 417 between Moodie and Holly Acres and serve Moodie Station
– Routing will be modified in Bells Corners and will operate north on Moodie Drive
– Westbound destination name will be changed to “Fernbank” from “Bells Corners”

252 Route Map


– Will be extended to serve the Bridlewood Trails and Trailwest communities via Akerson
– Routing will be modified in Bells Corners and will operate east on Richmond Road. This route will no longer serve Bayshore Station in the morning.
– Westbound destination name will be changed to “Bridlewood” instead of “Kanata”

256 Route Map
The Director at OC Transpo has explained that based on GPS data, travel times for this realignment for Route 256 are expected to match existing times. View the route schedule by selecting a date of December 24 or later on OC Transpo’s Routes & Maps page: http://www.octranspo.com/routes.

Maps and route info are also available on OC Transpo’s website: http://www.octranspo.com/ready4rail/new_winter_service_starts_on_dec_24/.

If you have any questions about the expanded service, please email me at allan.hubley@ottawa.ca.


Expanded OC Transpo Service for Growing Areas in Kanata South

I’m happy to announce that the below expanded OC Transpo services are scheduled to begin in late 2017. The new buses will arrive during the fall, in time for the service improvements to begin in late December.

Please find below the information for the Extended Route 252 and Increased Route 167, and don’t hesitate to email me at allan.hubley@ottawa.ca if you have questions, concerns or feedback.



OC Transpo – New spring service starting April 23

This spring, OC Transpo will continue to implement some of the adjustments that are required as part of the transition to the 2018 network. New spring schedules, service adjustments and new route numbers take effect Sunday, April 23. Note: The numbers may be changing, but the route stays the same. Updated schedules and travel plans will be available soon.


Route 92
Becomes new Route 62
Trip time adjustment in the early afternoon to improve spacing between trips

Route 96
Becomes new Route 61

Route 118
Becomes new Route 88

Route 168
Schedules adjusted based on observed run times to improve reliability

Route 269
First morning trip will leave 8 minutes earlier for a more convenient connection to Gatineau
Larger bus used on one afternoon trip to increase capacity
For the full list of Spring changes, please visit http://www.octranspo.com/ontrack2018/new_spring_service_starting_april_23