July 2018

OC Transpo Staff have reviewed the results of the customer survey that ran from June 11 to June 24 on the proposed 256 routing change. Take-Ones (brochures) were distributed onboard Route 256 notifying customers of the proposed change to the morning route alignment, and invited customers to provide their opinion by completing an online survey or by calling the OC Transpo Customer Relations centre.  The survey was also advertised on OC Transpo’s homepage, social media, and emailed or texted to customers subscribed to OC Transpo alerts.

Staff recommend changing the morning route so that it operates on the Transitway between Bayshore and Pinecrest Stations. The revised AM routing through Bayshore Station will be implemented on Monday, July 23rd. Notices have been placed at the two stops that will no longer be served – on Robertson just east of Old Richmond and on Richmond just east of Nanaimo.

Highlights of this modification:

– Matches the afternoon routing

– Provides more reliable service by avoiding highway congestion between Richmond and Pinecrest

– Improves connections to Bayshore Shopping Centre

– Allows connections at Bayshore Station to DND Campus and employment locations in Kanata North

Thank you to those who have taken the time to share concerns and feedback as my office works to address issues brought to my attention regarding this route. Please contact my office should you need any additional details, or have any further questions or concerns.


June 2018

Three Retail Locations Offering Presto Services in Kanata South

Purchase monthly passes, load funds, check balance, and set age-based discounts at the below retail stores in Kanata South:

  • Real Canadian Superstore: 760 Eagleson Road
  • Shoppers Drug Mart: 680 Eagleson Road
  • Shoppers Drug Mart: 420 Hazeldean RoadPlease note that first-time Community Pass and EquiPass customers must have their discounts set at one of the four OC Transpo Customer Service Centres. Once set, customers can then load a monthly pass or funds at any of the locations across Ottawa or online.

In addition to the 66 Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaws and Real Canadian Superstore locations across the city, there are 11 other locations across the city where customers can purchase and load their Presto cards. These locations include four OC Transpo Customer Service Centres, three ServiceOttawa Client Service Centres, and ticket machines at Carling, Carleton, Mooney’s Bay, and Greenboro stations. When O-Train Line 1, the Confederation Line, opens later this year, there will be ticket machines at all 13 stations.

April 2018

Purchase & Load Presto in Kanata

I would like to thank those residents who brought need for Presto in Kanata to my attention. Transit customers will now be able to purchase monthly passes, load funds, check their balance, and set age-based discounts (such as Youth and Senior passes) at 51 Shoppers Drug Mart, 12 Loblaws and three Real Canadian Superstore locations in Ottawa.

The new retail locations are currently being rolled out in a phased approach, with all stores expected to have Presto services available by the end of May. Two Shoppers Drug Mart locations in our ward at 680 Eagleson Road and 420 Hazeldean Road can now sell and instantly load Presto cards. My office will remain informed of the list of further locations as they become updated.

When customers put funds on their Presto card at one of the retailer locations, the balance will be available immediately. Presto cards purchased at Shoppers, Loblaws and Superstore locations will have a new black design. However, whether cards are black or green, they will still function exactly the same way. Presto cardholders are also able to load funds and check their balance online at prestocard.ca.

REMINDER: Paper ticket use ends April 30. Customers can exchange old tickets towards new fare products at OC Transpo Customer Service Centres until August 31, 2018.