The 3-1-1 Contact Centre is fully operational from 7am to 7pm Monday-Saturday. It is open for urgent request 24/7 including statutory holidays. Types of services offered are: bylaw, garbage, parks and recreation, maintenance and other general City-related subjects.

Telephone: 311

Feel free to contact us in one of several ways below:

Councillor Allan Hubley – City of Ottawa
110 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, ON
K1P 1J1

600 Terry Fox Drive – Unit 106
Ottawa, ON
K2L 4B6

Telephone: 613-580-2752

Please use the convenient online form below if you would like to request a Celebratory Greeting, request a Certificate of Achievement, invite Councillor Hubley to a community event, sign up for Councillor Hubley’s e-newsletter, or if you would like to visit and tour City Hall.

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