Council Priority: Economic Prosperity


Assistance available to new entrepreneurs opening food establishments


Are you planning on opening up a café, bakery, butcher shop or another type of food establishment in Ottawa?


The City of Ottawa, through the assistance of a designated City of Ottawa Business Information Officer (BIO), can help new entrepreneurs understand everything you need to know before starting your food establishment.


The BIO will be your single point of contact to help you navigate all the information you need including:

  • How to apply for all licences and permits pertaining to your new food establishment
  • Outlining estimated time and costs
  • Creation of a personalized roadmap for your startup, and;
  • Connecting you with the right departments throughout the process


Entrepreneurs have the convenience of:

  • Meeting the BIO at one of four Client Service Centre locations
  • Accessing information or initiating a request at any time (24/7) to meet with the BIO
  • Having a single point of contact to request followup on a specific licence and permit


Getting started is easy. Go to, fill out the online questionnaire (available 24 hours a day) and the BIO will follow up with you.




Allan Hubley, Councillor Kanata South

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