Councillor Calls On Hydro Ottawa For Action




Friday, September 30, 2011


Councillor Calls On Hydro Ottawa For Action


Ottawa – Kanata South City Councillor Allan Hubley has contacted Hydro Ottawa demanding answers on why the power has failed at least three times recently and for more than 30 minutes in two of the failures within his Ward.


Councillor Hubley believes that his residents need to know why the recently upgraded system has experienced this trouble and what is being done to ensure a stable power source going forward.


“Clearly, Hydro Ottawa has made significant investments this year in our infrastructure so why are my residents having to deal with outages?”  said Hubley.  “Nobody likes to come home to find they have no power.  Residents have to deal with issues such as has our food gone bad and others.  For example, with it getting dark earlier now, how do I get my family ready for tomorrow.  These are some of the comments we have received and I want to do my best to eliminate those concerns” explained the Councillor.


Councillor Hubley intends to work closely with Hydro officials to make certain steps are taken to address whatever has caused the outages.



Hydro Ottawa has reported power outages on September 25, 28, 29th  in the Kanata South area with thousands of homes being affected.  The initial reports suggest a faulty cable, defective equipment and breakers being tripped.


Residents are asked to report all outages to Hydro Ottawa by calling 613-738-0188.



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For further information please contact:

Tiffany Lepack

Assistant to Councillor Allan Hubley

Work:  613-580-2752

Cell: 613-894-1803


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