Councillor Hubley Debunks False Statements

Press Release 


Wednesday April 24, 2013

Kanata – Statements attributed to the Coalition to Protect the South March Highlands made on Twitter today with respect to a property in Kanata South are misleading and need to be corrected.

“I’m disappointed that an individual would hide behind an anonymous twitter handle and make malicious allegations about residents of our community,” said Councillor Hubley.

Despite the statements made on Twitter by @SouthMarch, no clear cutting took place by any developer. Instead the claims cried wolf over a home owner who was simply cleaning up their own property of dead trees and bushes that could be considered a fire hazard.

The homeowner has been working on site today with Forestry Ottawa to ensure that all trees were cut down with the proper permits.

When Councillor Hubley visited the site today he emphasized that, “I have spoken with both the homeowner and Forestry Ottawa, and they have confirmed for me that the work being done is within the resident’s rights as a private property holder.”

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For further information please contact:

Dan White

Office of Councillor Allan Hubley

Kanata South (Ward 23)


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