Press Release – Community Mailboxes

Press Release


                                                                  Thursday February 20th, 2014


Councillor Hubley to Ensure Residents Can Access new Community Mailboxes


Kanata – From the time we all started using e-mail and the internet, we knew the day was coming when we would lose the convenience of door to door mail service.

Canada Post has announced today that Kanata South is one of the first areas scheduled for mailbox conversion. Customers with postal codes beginning with K2K, K2L and K2M, who do not already have a community mailbox, will be converted to community mailboxes by the fall of 2014.

While Canada Post states that they understand that some seniors and disabled Canadians may not be able to get to their community mailbox, and they are in the process of developing solutions, Councillor Hubley has said that “I understand there may be difficulties for some residents to get to these new community mailboxes. Please be assured that I will be working with the community associations in my community to set up a system that will ensure that any resident who needs help retrieving their weekly mail will have assistance from someone in the community.”

Residents with questions or who would like more information about community mailboxes can contact Canada Post at 1-866-607-6301 and residents who feel that they may need assistance or those who can volunteer to help can contact Councillor Hubley’s office at (613)580-2752, or via e-mail at

For further information please contact:

Ashley Van

Office of Councillor Allan Hubley

Kanata South (Ward 23)

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