Councillor Hubley Wants a Clear Policy on Donation Bins

Press Release 


Wednesday March 20, 2013 

Kanata, ON – Councillor Allan Hubley is pleased with the proposed next steps to increase transparency and accountability for organizations using clothing donation bins within the City of Ottawa. 

Under the current provisions, there is nothing that stipulates that a clothing donation bin display its operator, or whom the clothing will be distributed to.  As a result, many bins have become eyesores in the community, without a local phone number posted on them to ensure the responsible organization is kept accountable for their appearance.

“Property owners and taxpayers need to know if they are dealing with legitimate registered charities, or for-profit companies trying to take advantage of the generosity of our city,” said Councillor Hubley

As a result of Councillor Hubley’s inquiry into the matter at City Council on March 28, 2012, staff produced a report with recommendations for the Community and Protective Services Committee meeting on March 21, 2013.

Councillor Hubley wants to ensure that legitimate registered charities like Ottawa Neighbourhood Services and the Salvation Army are able to get the donations they need to continue their important work in the community Hubley said, “I know how generous taxpayers in my ward are, and they want to ensure their donations are going to help those truly in need.” 

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For further information please contact:

Dan White

Office of Councillor Allan Hubley

Kanata South (Ward 23)


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