Information Regarding 80, 110, 140, 151 & 180 Cope Road

Dear Resident,


At the Trailwest Community Association AGM held on November12th, 2015 residents brought forth a number of concerns regarding the proposed development for 80, 110, 140, 151 and 180 Cope Rd.  I have been working with both City staff and the Builder to address your concerns and would like to take this opportunity to provide you with an update.


The original application design for this area (that was approved in 2005) was a Mixed Use Community Concept Plan that would have seen have seen the construction of semi-detached homes, row dwellings, stacked dwellings and apartment complexes in addition to the 73 ‘Chamber Style’ residential personal service units along Cope.  After years of trying the Builder found there was no interest in this type of dwelling and proposed an amendment to the current zoning that would create a residential development with fibre optic capabilities to facilitate work from home environments. The proposed zoning for the site was crafted to accommodate the proposed low-rise apartment development with a total of 260 Units.


Below is a summary of the most common concerns that were raised by residents who contacted both my office and the Planning Department:


1. Density of the Proposed development

Response:  Density for this area was approved in 2005 and this plan falls under the approved uses and the current proposal is within the density targets for the Trailwest Community.  The subdivision plan allows for up to 1200 residential units and at this time and including the proposed 260 units, the total for the community is 1106, which is under the maximum allowed.


2. Height and Privacy – Concerns were expressed, with the proposed height of the buildings and lack of privacy that may result for adjacent residents.

Response: The proposed buildings are 14 metres in height, only 1 metre higher than the current zoning. This increase in height is considered minor by planning standards and is consistent with the low rise residential development occurring in the Kanata South area.  While we recognize that this issue exists today with backyard neighbors throughout the City, the Builder has been with working with Staff to address this issue with landscaping features. Due to significant spacing between the buildings, proper setbacks from nearby and abutting properties the proposed building heights should not negatively impact the surrounding properties.

Concerns that there be adequate privacy fencing and increased landscaping between existing homes and proposed development to ensure sufficient buffering and blocking of views from windows.

Response: PVC privacy fencing (1.8 metres in height) exists in all locations between the existing homes and the proposed development. Additional plantings (large canopy deciduous trees) have been provided.


3. How will this proposed development not add to existing parking pressures?

Response: The proposed development is in accordance with the required parking provisions for 7 out of the 8 proposed apartment buildings.  The relief requested for 110 Cope, from 14 to 12 required parking spaces is not significant by planning standards. However the builder, in keeping with their efforts to make Trailwest a popular community with multiple upgraded features, has agreed to increase the underground parking to exceed the standard.


4. Headlights shining into houses – requested that the applicant outline how headlights from traffic leaving Block 46 will not shine directly on living areas of homes facing Northgraves Cres.

Response: Applicant has demonstrated that headlights from traffic leaving Block 46 are directed on a garage of one house and on a foyer (non-living area) of another house.


5. On Block 46 re locate the garbage building further away from the adjacent residential properties.

Response:  The garbage building has been shifted to allow a setback of 3 metres from each adjacent residential property. This meets the requirement as per the Zoning By-law for the required setback for accessory buildings.  Staff are requesting that trees be planted, if servicing permits, between the garbage building and adjacent buildings.


6. Increased traffic in the area

Response: As per the Transportation Brief submitted with the application, site generated traffic is not considered significant by planning standards and will operate at acceptable levels of service.  A Pedestrian Crossover (PXO) has just been installed along Cope at the park to help residents safely cross the road.  I have also worked with the Builder to come to a cost sharing agreement to investigate the installation of a roundabout or other traffic calming measures at the intersection of Cope and Templeford that will provide better traffic flow than what exists today. Be assured, that I will continue to monitor this area and work with your Community Association to assess any further improvements that may be needed in the area.


Please let me take this opportunity to thank residents for all their input into this process.  Hopefully you will agree that your issues raised are reflected in the comments above. A thank you goes to City Staff for working with residents and the Builder to ensure your important issues are addressed.  We will continue this work on your behalf, as this project progresses through the approval stages to construction and beyond.


Finally, I would like let you know that I will stay very involved with this project and will continue to update the community to ensure Trailwest remains a desirable community to live, work and play.



Allan Hubley

Councillor Kanata South