February 22nd, 2018


Last month I heard from residents how they were upset with the sudden closing of our community paper.  I shared their concern with how would we distribute information on what is going on in our community, record the stories of people making a difference, have a means to explain in more detail than 140 characters the significant changes coming to our neighbourhoods and of course, to celebrate what a fantastic place we get to call home.

Now we get to welcome a new paper with familiar faces into our neighbourhood.  I, for one, am very thankful for their investment in our community and the important service they will provide going forward if we support their efforts.

One issue that we are currently working on is the spike in calls for parking control.  I would encourage you to call 311 if you see cars on your street that will impede a snowplow, school bus, garbage truck or emergency vehicle getting to your home.  All too often, we are receiving pictures of cars parking across from each other on a street thus preventing one of these vehicles from passing by.  What isn’t necessarily a safety issue but can be frustrating for neighbours is when the plow does go around a car left on the street instead of in the driveway or garage causing a snowdrift in the middle of the road making the street a one-lane road until the next storm.

Certain areas of our community will have noticed more signage restricting parking in the wintertime especially, as a result of this issue.  These restrictions seem to be helping so this initiative will likely be expanded. Traditionally Bylaw Services only came into the suburbs on a complaint basis however, no one wants their house to burn to the ground when a fire truck couldn’t get there due to cars blocking your street nor do you want to wait for an ambulance for a family member while they wait for a tow truck to move cars.  When looking into why some streets were getting late garbage pickup or missed all together, I learned on street parking is a common cause.  Therefore, I have worked with our plow operators and emergency services to create a list of hot spots that Bylaw will now be proactively patroling.  Please help us get this issue under control by talking to your neighbours and reporting any unsafe parking you may see on your street.

I will be publishing a monthly column in this paper with municipal news and insights into issues that I am working on that may affect you.  In between columns, I encourage you to visit my website at www.councillorallanhubley.ca for updates and you can reach me by email at allan.hubley@ottawa.ca or for more urgent matters, please contact my office at 613-580-2752.

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