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Please read below and support this group as they help improve the lives of families and individuals living with autism.


We at Thinking in Pictures Educational Services (TIPES) are currently in the process of negotiating with insurance companies to add Intensive Behaviour Intervention (IBI) for children with autism and other exceptionalities to the medical insurance plans they offer Canadians.  IBI is the only therapy known to help each child reach his or her full potential.   It is widely recognized that the earlier the intervention with this therapy the better the outcome for the child. 

Funding for this therapy will have a significant impact on many people.  First and foremost it will impact the families who have children with autism and/or other exceptionalities and are currently attending programs for IBI therapy.  It will provide a huge financial relief for many families who are already struggling to afford therapeutic services and ease a highly stressful situation.  These families already deal with such a high level of stress that this financial aid would be an immense help to them.  It will also provide an opportunity for families who currently cannot afford these services to enrol their children in IBI therapy.  This would allow for an equal opportunity of learning being available to every child, regardless of their monetary standing.

The provincial government currently provides funds for Direct Services IBI therapy. This is a program where funds for IBI therapy are given to qualifying children’s families.  The families then find a private therapy provider for their child.  We are asking the insurance companies for $25,000 per child, per year for up to three years.  If the government were to match the insurance coverage dollar for dollar they would save on average 66% of what they are currently spending on funding for Direct Services IBI therapy.  These savings may possibly be used to help more families with children with autism per year or they may be re-directed to other programs.

We have a large network of support for this initiative from families that are currently affiliated with TIPES.  These families continue to send their children to our programs because they are pleased with the results they are seeing despite the financial burden it places on them.

We believe this funding will have an outstanding impact on families with children who have autism and the community at large.  We would like to add your name to the list of supporters to be submitted to Great West Life Insurance in support of this effort.  Can we count on you in this matter?  Thank you in advance for your consideration.

If you would like to support this worth wile cause please fill out the form below and fax it back to TIPES at 613 592 1821.

TIPES – Letter of Support

Thank you for your support

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