Home Based Business Regulations

Home-Based Business Provisions (Sec. 127)

127. (1) Home-based businesses are permitted in any dwelling unit, secondary dwelling unit or rooming unit, in any zone that permits residential uses provided:
    (a) they must not become a nuisance because of noise, odour, dust, fumes, vibration, radiation, glare, traffic, or parking generated;
    (b) they must not become a fire or building hazard or health risk;
    (c) they must not interfere with radio, television or other telecommunications transmissions;
    (d) one or more residents may operate a business; and
    (e) the operators of the home-based businesses must reside in the dwelling, secondary dwelling unit or rooming unit from which the home-based business is conducted, including when the business is in operation.
  (2) Any number of businesses may exist provided the cumulative maximum total gross floor area outlined in either subsection (9) or Section 128(3), as the case may be, is not exceeded.
  (3) Despite the unlimited number of businesses permitted, a maximum of only one, on-site, non-resident employee is permitted per principal dwelling unit.
  (4) On-site non-resident employees are prohibited in association with any home-based business located within a secondary dwelling unit, rooming unit, or dwelling unit within an apartment dwelling, low rise or an apartment dwelling, mid-high rise. (Subject to By-law 2014-292)
  (5) No client or customer may be attended or served on-site in the case of any home-based business located within a secondary dwelling unit, rooming unit, or dwelling unit within an apartment dwelling, low rise or an apartment dwelling, mid-high rise.(By-law 2012-334) (Subject to By-law 2014-292)  
  (6) Where any parking is required for the home-based business, such space may be located in the driveway. .(By-law 2012-334)
  (7) There is no visible display or indication of any home-based business from the street, other than the maximum of one sign for all home-based businesses on the lot, as provided for in an applicable Signs By-law. .(By-law 2012-334) (By-law 2008-326)
  (8) Home-based businesses must not involve the use of the premises as a dispatching office or supply depot. .(By-law 2012-334)
  (9) Any number of home-based businesses is permitted on a lot which permits a residential use, either within the dwelling unit, rooming unit or secondary dwelling unit, or within an attached garage on the lot, provided that:
    (a) if within a dwelling unit or secondary dwelling unit, the cumulative size of all home-based businesses per dwelling unit or secondary dwelling unit must not exceed 25% of the unit’s gross floor area or 28 m2 whichever is the greater;
    (b) if within an attached garage, the cumulative size of all home-based businesses must not exceed a maximum of 54m2, and the required parking for the dwelling unit must continue to be legally provided on the lot;
    (c) if within a rooming unit, no maximum size limit applies, but the home-based business must take place solely within the rooming unit and not within any communal area within the building; and
    (d) In the case of subsections (a) and (b), the cumulative total is for all home-based businesses within the principal dwelling unit and attached garage combined, with a separate cumulative total applicable to the secondary dwelling unit, and not for the principal dwelling unit, attached garage and secondary dwelling unit combined. (By-law 2012-334)
  (10) The business of storing automobiles, buses, boats, recreation and any other types of vehicles is specifically prohibited. .(By-law 2012-334)
  (11) Outdoor storage is prohibited. .(By-law 2012-334)
  (12) Where a home-based business sells on the premises, it sells only those items that are made on the premises. Despite the foregoing, telemarketing and mail order sales are permitted provided that any merchandise purchased is delivered or mailed directly to the customer. .(By-law 2012-334)
  (13) Businesses that require a business, not professional, license under the City of Ottawa’s licensing by-laws are not permitted, except that the following businesses requiring licenses are permitted:
    (a) electricians and electrical contractors;
    (b) plumbing contractors;
    (c) taxi cab and limousine drivers, but not brokers, to a maximum of two taxis or limousines (By-law 2012-334)(By-law 2012-180)
  (14) Nothing in subsection (13) prevents the administrative and indoor storage functions of such licensed businesses from being operated as a home-based business provided such functions comply with the provisions of subsections (1) through (12) inclusive. (By-law 2012-334)
  (15) Section 126 sets out the regulations applicable to the parking of heavy vehicles.(By-law 2012-334) (By-law 2009-164)


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