Hydro Issues in Kanata

I would like to take this opportunity to discuss the reliability issues with respect to hydro in our community.  As part of my ongoing effort to work with Hydro Ottawa on solutions we discussed the recent outages – both in terms of frequency and duration. They are not consistent with the level of service that Hydro Ottawa as a company aims to provide to you.

Working with my office, Hydro Ottawa is planning to launch a five-part action plan effective immediately, to address the reliability issue.  

1) The two pieces of equipment that triggered the most recent outages have been replaced as of December 24, 2012. This equipment have accounted for three of the recent interruptions.

2) In the first quarter of 2013, the entire distribution system in Kanata will be reviewed in depth including: system configuration and automation to aid in quicker restoration; system coordination to reduce the number of customers affected by any one outage; and the creation of new circuit ties to allow for alternate supply points into Kanata.

3) Hydro Ottawa’s inspection efforts in Kanata will be accelerated so that aging equipment (cables, distribution transformers and switch gear) that is problematic or in need of replacement is addressed in an expedited manner.

4) Hydro Ottawa will assign additional crew members in our area to boost the number of staff focused on infrastructure and reliability issues.

5) Hydro Ottawa will make use of state-of-the-art condition monitoring systems at the Kanata, Marchwood and Bridlewood transformer stations in the new year. This will allow for improved diagnostics to determine the operating condition of the asset and if maintenance is required.

In addition to these measures, Hydro Ottawa is anticipating the energization of the new Terry Fox transformer station in late 2013. When this $25 million asset comes on line, it will reduce the number of customers currently being handled by the Bridlewood station and provide redundancy and backup should an outage occur in the area.

Hydro Ottawa recognizes that their service levels in Kanata have been challenging.  I believe they have and will continue to take the necessary steps to ensure that this is an unfortunate anomaly and not a systemic issue.  Hydro Ottawa will provide quarterly updates to me on the findings and the implementation of this action plan. In the meantime, I would join Hydro in encouraging all residents to use the full spectrum of on-line tools available at www.hydroottawa.com. Their online power outage map will keep customers apprised of the current power outage situation, including the cause and the estimated time of restoration of all ongoing power outages.

Personally I have thanked Hydro Ottawa for working closely with me to address the reliability issues in our community. I am confident that these steps will go a long way to ensure that you get the level of service and reliability that you deserve and appreciate your patience and support as Hydro completes their system review and upgrade.

Allan Hubley, Councillor Ward 23 Kanata South

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