Hydro Ottawa crews to help U.S. utilities affected by Hurricane Sandy


Hydro Ottawa is pleased to report that Sandy caused relatively little damage in the Ottawa area and they are now able to support other communities in need.

A group of 13 Hydro Ottawa power line maintainers are on their way to Newtown, Connecticut to assist Northeast Utilities in restoring power after Hurricane Sandy caused significant damage to the area. As of 11:30 a.m., approximately 354,000 Connecticut residents are without power. More than 9,000 customers in Newtown, Connecticut were waiting for the lights to come back on – this represents 83 percent of the citizens in this town. This is the first time Hydro Ottawa has dispatched crews to the United States (U.S.). During past widespread power outages, crews have assisted utilities in Ontario and Quebec.

Northeast Utilities will reimburse Hydro Ottawa for all costs incurred including labour, transportation, materials and accommodations.

Hydro Ottawa is proud that these crews will be using their unique skills and talents to help our U.S. neighbours. The 13 power line maintainers join 12 Hydro Ottawa contract forestry workers who are clearing trees in Connecticut to help restore power.

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