Hydro Ottawa Recent Outages

Thursday, December 13, 2012 

This week the community has experienced numerous  Hydro outages. I have heard from a number of residents expressing their frustration with the unstable power source, and I share in their frustration.

The ongoing issues with the system stem from the former city of Kanata, which did not invest in the infrastructure needed to serve a growing community. Since amalgamation, Kanata has benefited from significant investments by Hydro Ottawa. The investments include the new multi-million dollar Terry Fox substation, due to open in the next year. This station will provide better service to the community and is expected to resolve the quality and stability issues.

Furthermore I am in talks with senior management of Hydro to identify what can be done to bridge us to the opening. Details will follow in the next week when there is a plan I can support.

Residents are asked to report all outages to Hydro Ottawa by calling 613-738-0188.

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