Hydro Ottawa Recognizes Eagleson Fire Station for SaveONenergy Small Business Lighting Program

We are delighted to announce that more than 100 city-owned facilities, including buildings in ward 23, have increased their energy efficiency and reduced their electricity costs by participating in the saveONenergy Small Business Lighting Program. Since 2008, city facilities have reduced their annual electricity usage by almost 672,000 kilowatt hours, while reducing their costs by almost $58,000 a year with the program.

This benefit to taxpayers and city finances will grow in the future as the program becomes better known by facility managers. There is also an opportunity to create more awareness and participation among the city’s small businesses, with benefits that flow directly to their bottom lines.

City building in ward 23:

Fire Station 41: 380 Eagleson Rd.

Total ward estimated annual savings: $407.28

Total ward kWh saved: 3604.22 (equivalent to powering an average home for over 4 months)

The saveONenergy Small Business Lighting program from Hydro Ottawa has achieved very good results to date, and holds great potential to improve energy efficiency, reduce costs and save money for city-owned facilities and small businesses across Ottawa.

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