Hydro Update

Hydro Update                                                                 June 15, 2012


Last Friday:

Initial equipment failure at 4:13 AM resulted in power outage to 131 customers in Bridlewood North area.

Power was restored to all but 10 customers by 5:30 AM this morning.

At 9:16 am – During further restoration activities a subsequent equipment failure of a 3-phase padmounted switch tripped the circuit out of Bridewood resulting in a widespread  outage to the greater Bridlewood Community affecting 9,301 customers.

All outages appear to be related to the initial failure at 4:13 am.

The switch has been isolated for repairs, and crews are working on circuit switching and reconfiguration to get all possible customers back on. As of noon, power has been restored to all but 222 customers in that area. Crews continuing restoration efforts all customers expected to be energized by 4:00 pm this afternoon.


For today:

The outage which occurred at 1:14 was restored 4 minutes later @ 1:19 by Hydro One.  This outage was a loss of high voltage supply from Hydro One. The total number of customer affected is approximately 20,000 in the Kanata North/Marchwood and Barrhaven area. 

For more information please visit http://www.hydroottawa.com/newsevents/outage.cfm?lang=e&template_id=51


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