Monahan Landing Woodlot


Monahan Woodlot Update – July 2017

The work in the Woodlot continues to progress on schedule and is still on track to be completed this year. I have heard from the Park Planners regarding the work in the Woodlot park and the proposed work schedule for this year is as follows:

May: Window for application of Garlon (specialty herbicide applied to stumps) to buckthorn stumps

Mid August: Completion of hazard tree removal, site cleanup, and installation of trail heads and trails

Late August-September: Removal of asphalt at stairs and installation of stairs; planting of street trees, seeding and sodding

September-October: Installation of park signs, games tables, benches and waste receptacles

October: Reforestation/naturalization planting within buckthorn clearing area with Forestry.

Under the Migratory Birds Convention Act, 1994 (S.C. 1994, c. 22) it is prohibited to disturb migratory birds and their nests. Tree removal operations in the woodlot would have a high likelihood of disturbing migratory birds and their nests and thus it is not likely that the trees will be removed until after mid August.

The above timeline is just an estimate and could change depending on weather and other factors.












July 2016

Dear Resident,

Attached is the proposed concept plan for the Monahan Landing Woodlot. The plan for this park is to maintain the integrity of the woodlot while allowing people to move through the site with minimal impact to the forest floor and existing residents, and to plan for tapping of the 150 mature maple trees that can be found in the Woodlot.

The plan currently proposes an informal path to go as directly as possible between the two walkway blocks at Meadowbreeze, and Summitview (the layout will be done on site to reduce the impact as much as possible on the existing trees). A page wire fence (a very light style of fencing) along the North property boundary will be installed and a chain link fence along the east and west boundaries (fences are to be .15m on the City side of the property boundary).

There will be an accessible entrance with seating off the south entry (Pinelock St) and  there will be benches installed and other features.  The plan is to engage the community to participate in tapping the trees for the production of maple syrup. The sap is currently proposed to be processed off site.  The logistics surrounding the tapping of the trees is still being worked out and once we have a final plan, I will be sure to update you. The developer will complete the work in the park and construction is scheduled for this summer.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the woodlot, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email at or by phone at 613-580-2752.


Councillor Allan Hubley