2017 Strategy

2017 Wild Parsnip Strategy – Kanata South

The 2017 Strategy consists of the following:

  • Continue and expand ClearView herbicide application to highly infested areas and test the effectiveness of the Truvist herbicide at specified sites
  • Continue with mowing, adjusting frequency and timing to best coincide with herbicide applications
  • Monitor test plots for the herbicides effectiveness
  • Re-map infestation levels
  • Implement the communication and awareness campaign in collaboration with partners in Ottawa Public Health, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC), NCC, etc.
    • Staff will prepare weekly updates to Councillors on spraying locations within each ward. This information will also be available on Ottawa.ca.
    • Communication materials (a postcard and an information sheet) are available for distribution to Councillors for their constituents; materials will also be sent to local schools


The completed locations in Ward 23 so far this year are:

Ward 23 – Councillor Hubley

Four parks/parklands/pathways identified for the 2017 program:

  • Kristina Kiss Park – completed
  • Walter Baker Park – completed
  • Pathway (behind Real Canadian Superstore) – completed
  • Hydro Corridor (280 Michael Cowpland Dr) – completed

Staff will continue to monitor and map Wild Parsnip infestation levels throughout the remainder of the year and our office will continue to track all reports made through our office and relay them to the Public Works Department so that those areas can added to the list to be treated.

Kristina Kiss Park

Walter Baker Park

Pathways Behind the Real Canadian Superstore


Hydro Corridor (280 Michael Cowpland)

Signs will be posted 48 hours prior to the City spraying these areas.

For more information on reporting it on City property and ways to remove it on your own property, go to:

www.ottawa.ca/wildparsnip or call 3-1-1