2018 Strategy

The 2018 Strategy consists of the following:

  • Continue and expand ClearView herbicide application to highly infested areas and test the effectiveness of the Truvist herbicide at specified sites
  • Continue with mowing, adjusting frequency and timing to best coincide with herbicide applications
  • Monitor test plots for the herbicides effectiveness
  • Re-map infestation levels
  • Continue the communication and awareness campaign in collaboration with partners in Ottawa Public Health, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC), NCC, etc.
  • Staff will prepare weekly updates to Councillors on parkland spraying locations within each ward.
  • Communication materials (a postcard and an information sheet) are available for distribution to Councillors for their constituents; materials will also be sent to local schools


Kristina Kiss Park


Walter Baker Park


Pathway Behind Superstore


Hydro Corridor