• Please call 3-1-1 if the pothole issue is related to the following:
    • Construction activity (square or rectangular cut in road)
    • An immediate hazard to people or property
    • Personal accessibility
    • A traffic-related issue (such as traffic signals or traffic signs)
  • For all emergency requests call 3-1-1. If this service is not available to you please call 613-580-2400. All other Service Requests will be triaged and addressed as operations allow.

Otherwise, please continue with the online form.

Potholes are a result of the freeze/thaw weather cycles that deteriorate our road surfaces. During the freeze/thaw, water seeps into the crevices of the road. Fluctuations in temperature, vibrations and traffic volumes all create stress on the asphalt road surface, which can result in potholes.

This is explained in a video on the City’s YouTube channel.