Fernbank Trunk – TCT at Terry Fox

The work underway along the Trans Canada Trail (TCT) is related to providing sanitary services to the Fernbank Community in accordance with the Fernbank CDP.

The Sanitary Sewer is located within the  TCT from the Hazeldean Pump Station until the first major collector road (approximately 325m west of Terry Fox), where it then crosses into the Hydro Easement. It then continues within the Hydro Easement west to the second major north south collector road (320 m west of Iber Road). The construction is planned to be completed to the major collector road by mid-November 2012.

As part of the agreement to extend the sewer services, the developers group, along with the Forestry Services Branch, have agreed to a replanting scheme.  It is understood that the replanting locations should be along the TCT or as close to it as possible.

For information on the Hydro Ottawa work on the TCT related to the Hazeldean Pumping Station, click here

For additional information on the Monarch/Cardel Blackstone development, please follow this link to Councillor Qadri’s website  http://www.shadqadri.com/plan_res.htm.