Hope Side Road and Eagleson Road Intersection Modification


  • Modifications to Hope Side Road at Eagleson Road to accommodate a new commercial development; developer- Mac’s Convenience Stores Inc.



  • Hope Side Road at Eagleson  Road, Wards 21 and 23, see attached drawing DRI-2011-037A.



  • The purpose of the proposed modifications is to accommodate vehicular traffic generated by a new commercial development (retail) located on Hope Side Road.



  • The proposed commercial development is located in the northeast quadrant of the Eagleson Road/Hope Side Road intersection.  The site is bounded by residential lands to the east, Hope Side Road to the south, Eagleson Road to the west and undeveloped lands to the north.  The development is comprised of a Mac’s convenience store, gas bar, car wash and general automobile maintenance center.



  • Road Cross-Sections

Eagleson Road – 2-lane, rural, undivided arterial road.

Hope Side Road – 2-lane, rural, undivided arterial road.

  • Street Lighting

Eagleson Road – Present on east side.

Hope Side Road – Present on south side.

  • Traffic Control

The intersection of Eagleson Road and Hope Side Road is controlled by a traffic control signal.

  • Speed Limits

Eagleson Road – 80 kph.

Hope Side Road – 80 kph

  • Pedestrians

No pedestrian facilities are present on Eagleson Road or Hope Side Road.  During an 8-hour period on Tuesday, 29 June 2010 at the intersection of Eagleson Road and Hope Side Road, 2 pedestrians crossed in the north-south direction and 6 pedestrians crossed in the east-west direction.

  • Cycling

Paved shoulders are present on Eagleson Road and Hope Side Road.  During the same 8‑hour survey mentioned above, 8 cyclists were observed travelling in the north-south direction and 11 cyclists were observed travelling in the east-west direction.

  • Transit

Bus route 164 (peak hours) currently serve the development area.

  • Highest Hourly Volume

During the same 8-hour survey mentioned above, between 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm, 367 westbound, 307 northbound and 462 southbound vehicles were recorded at the intersection of Eagleson Road and Hope Side Road.

  • Heavy Vehicles

Both Eagleson Road and Hope Side Road are designated as unrestricted truck routes.  Heavy vehicles comprised 1.8%, 4.3% and 3.0% of the total traffic in the westbound, northbound and southbound directions, respectively, during the same 8-hour survey mentioned above.

  • Collision History

For the period from 1 January 2006 to 1 January 2011 (5 years):

Eagleson Road and Hope Side Road – Total = 15, comprised of 8 rear end, 5 angle, 1 turning and 1 sideswipe.

Hope Side Road, Freeport Drive to Eagleson Road – Total = 1, comprised of 1 single vehicle.


  • Based on the Transportation      Impact Study prepared by Armoclan Engineering Ltd. in April 2011, the following volumes will be generated by the proposed development:

(a)    Weekday Morning Peak Hour – 91 inbound and 86 outbound.

(b)   Weekday Afternoon Peak Hour – 119 inbound and 116 outbound.



  • It must be emphasized that the  following road modifications (see attached drawing

DRI-2011-037B) are conceptual and intended only to illustrate the proposed function.  The approval of any detailed design of the road modifications stemming from this report will be subject to the City’s design review process.


The specific modifications being proposed are as follows:

  • New concrete median on Hope Side Road.
  • New accesses on Hope Side Road and Eagleson Road.
  • New asphalt sidewalk on Hope Side Road.



  • Pedestrians

No changes to the existing pedestrian infrastructure.

  • Cyclists

No changes to the existing cycling infrastructure.

  • Transit

No changes to the existing transit infrastructure.

  • Vehicles

The proposed concrete median on Hope Side Road will prohibit vehicles from attempting to enter and exit the site by means of a left-turn movement.  These prohibited movements will reduce the risk of collisions.

  • Adjacent Land Uses

No negative impacts are anticipated for the lands adjacent to the proposed road modifications.



  • This is a privately funded project in which the property owner will establish the construction schedule.  It is understood that the developer wishes to start work in 2013 and complete the project by the end of that year.



  • There is no cost to the City for the proposed modifications listed in the previous sections estimated at $29,024  (construction, engineering, and contingencies).



  • The proposed road modifications comply with Section 6.4 Road Design, of the Transportation Master Plan.



  • Via e-mail on 12 September 2012, Ward Councillor Moffatt and Ward Councillor Hubley were given notice of the intention to advertise the proposed road modifications for two weeks starting 14 September 2012.
  • The proposed road modifications were advertised on the City’s website from 14 September 2012 until 28  September 2012 with a deadline for public input on

5 October 2012.

  • Preliminary approval of the proposed road modifications was granted the Program Manager of Design Review and Implementation on 17 September 2012.



  • No comments were received as a result of the online advertisement.