Stonehaven and Eagleson Widening Project

Councillor Allan Hubley is pleased to announce that another road project is scheduled this summer that will help alleviate traffic congestion in Kanata South.

The Eagleson Road and Stonehaven Drive intersection regularly experiences traffic congestion during the afternoon peak period. The queue for the southbound left-turn movement on Eagleson Road extends into the through lane. Therefore, there will be an additional left turn lane added on Eagleson Road. An additional eastbound lane will also be constructed on Stonehaven Drive between Eagleson Road and Bridlewood Drive. Construction will begin in the summer of 2012.

“I am pleased that I am able to announce yet another road modification that will help alleviate traffic congestion during the morning and evening commute,” said Councillor Hubley. “I want to assure the Bridlewood community that I am listening to their concerns.”

The construction of bicycle lanes will also be included to help eliminate conflicts between cyclists and other vehicles. As well, a continuous cycling route will be in place from Eagleson Road to Bridlewood Drive.

“This project is about making the intersection more efficient, while also ensuring the safety of the many residents who are cycling,” stated Hubley. “The work on Stonehaven Drive, is part of a bigger plan to resolve the traffic issues in the area.”

The project is being carried out under the Network Modification Program with the objective of increasing capacity and safety. The intersection of Eagleson Road and Stonehaven Drive is within the top 35 priority locations for retrofit within the City of Ottawa.


For construction inquiries:

Arun Singh, P.Eng., Project Manager

Design & Construction Municipal West

Infrastructure Services Department, City of Ottawa

Tel: 613-580-2424, ext. 27800




Additional Information:

The total budget for the Stonehaven project (including the roundabout at Steeple Chase/Bridgestone) is $2.65 million.


Rationale for the project:

The existing conditions in the project corridor that have triggered the road modifications include:

(1) Fast-growing residential development in the Bridlewood community creating high traffic volumes along the corridor;

(2) High turning volumes in the afternoon peak periods resulting in extending queuing on the single southbound left-turn lane on Eagleson Road to Stonehaven Drive;

(3) Deteriorated existing asphalt sidewalks;

(4) High turning traffic volumes at Bridlewood Drive/ Stonehaven Drive intersection in peak periods;

(5) High traffic volumes at the intersection of Stonehaven Drive and Steeple Chase Drive/ Bridgestone Drive during peak periods.

Outcome: Upon completion of construction there will be:

(1)  Double southbound left-turn lanes from Eagleson Road to Stonehaven Drive;

(2) Double eastbound through lanes on Stonehaven Drive between Eagleson Road and Bridlewood Drive;

(3) Single westbound traffic lane with a dedicated left-turn lane at Stonehaven drive/ harness lane intersection;

(4) A shared westbound lane for through and right-turn traffic at Bridlewood Drive/ Stonehaven Drive, added  to a westbound through lane;

(5) Bike lane in each direction along Stonehaven Drive;

(6) Concrete Sidewalks on both sides along Stonehaven Drive between Eagleson Road and Bridlewood Drive;

(7) New entrance to the Church of Nazarene;

(8) Single lane roundabout at Stonehaven Drive and Bridgestone Dr./Steeple Chase Drive.







Construction of Stonehaven Drive Widening

Eagleson Road to Bridgestone Steeple Chase Drive

Contract No. ISD12-5085





Please note that the construction of Stonehaven Drive roadway widening between Eagleson Road and Bridgestone Drive/Steeple chase Drive intersection including a roundabout at this intersection is scheduled to begin June 25, 2012. The work is scheduled to be completed by Thursday, 15th November, 2012.  The general contractor for the work is Goldie Mohr Ltd.  Construction work for the relocation of underground utility plant had already started at the beginning of May, 2012 to facilitate the roadway construction.


The Contractor will be restricted from working during the morning and afternoon Peak hours from Monday to Friday inclusive.  One traffic lane in each direction will be in operation on all roads within the project limit, at all times.  Access to all adjacent properties and to pedestrians will be maintained during the construction.


The roadworks will consist of widening of Stonehaven Drive on north and south side between Eagleson Road and Bridgestone/Steeple Chase Drive and Eagleson Road to Bridlewood Drive respectively.   The single southbound left turn lane on Eagleson Road will be converted to southbound double left by modifying the pavement markings.  The work will involve excavation, placement of granular materials and hot mix asphalt, new concrete sidewalk and curbs.  The existing traffic signals at the Stonehaven Drive and Willow Glen Drive will be upgraded.  A new roundabout will replace the stop controlled intersection at Stonehaven Drive and Steeple Chase/ Bridgestone Drive intersection.  As part of landscaping work, new trees will be planted, where space permits.


This work may result in some inconvenience to you such as delays in travelling through the construction zone, noise and dust during construction.  Any damage to your lawn or driveway as a result of the City’s work will be repaired as soon as possible during construction, at no cost to you.


Special Assistance


Should you or any member of your household require special assistance when walking through the construction site due to physical or visual impairment, contact the General Contractor or City Contract Administrator.


The City is committed to minimizing any disruption and inconvenience to the public during construction.  We again would like to thank you for your patience and co-operation during the construction.  IF you have any questions or concerns during the construction please call the Contractor’s Representative or the Contract Administrator on site.


Contractor’s Representative: Michael Buch, P.Eng.

Estimator/Project Manager

Goldie Mohr Ltd.

Cell: (613) 223-1984


Contract Administrator P.S. (Raj) Rajput, P.Eng.

Contract Administrator

IBI Group

Cell: (613) 863-3145


City’s Project Manager: Arun Singh, P.Eng.

Senior Project Manager,

Construction Services Division – West

(613) 580-2424. Ext/ 27800