LED Park Lighting Upgrade


The City of Ottawa is replacing old pathway lights to an LED model which uses less power and is more efficient. The previous lights were anywhere from 2-30 years old and lighting policies and requirements have since changed. The City will need to upgrade the level of lighting to meet today’s new standards; therefore, residents may notice that there will be more light standards along pathways than before.

I am supportive of this project and want to make sure that there is plenty of lighting and visibility at night for the safety of Kanata South residents, without polluting backyards and these new fixtures cut off light levels dramatically to rear yards. Below are updates of the completed project, as well as the design plans showing exactly where light levels will cut off and photos of the new installed LED light fixtures.


Beaufort Park

Design Plan:




The new lights have been installed and are functional. The old lights have been removed, with exception of one old pole near the road which is to be removed late this week.


Hayward Park

Design Plan:






The new lights have been installed, but are not yet functional as there is still work to be performed in the road right-of-way to connect the meter cabinet to the transformer. The old lights still need to be removed. Timing of this is dependent on a new road cut submittal, as this time the completion date is unknown.


Larsen Park

Design Plan:




The new lights have been installed, and are functional. There is still some landscaping to finish up.