Protective Plumbing Program

Homeowners can assist in reducing the risk of basement flooding due to sewer backups in a number of ways. One of the most effective means is the removal of uncontrolled stormwater from piped systems. Although, in isolation, one individual property’s contribution might appear insignificant, downspouts from eaves troughs may be one of the causes of flooding in their basement, their neighbour’s properties or the properties downstream in the sewer system. Another way homeowners can reduce the risk of flooding is to ensure storm backflow valves are functioning properly and cleanout caps located in their basement are properly sealed. A qualified plumber can assist with these works, if required. A checklist has been developed to assist homeowners with ways of reducing the risk of basement flooding. Residents continue to be encouraged to participate in the City’s Residential Protective Plumbing Program. Information on these topics is available at or at Client Service Centres.


What is the Residential Protective Plumbing

The Residential Protective Plumbing Program (RPPP) provides consultation and grant assistance services to City of Ottawa property owners who have experienced a backup of water or sewage in their basement caused by the overloading or blockage of city sewers.

The program can assist you to determine what is needed to prevent a future backup in your home if you:

  • had a backup caused by surcharging of the city sewer system, or
  • live in a location that is at risk of backups caused by surcharging of city sewers.

The protective plumbing evaluation is free and there is no cost to apply to the program. You may also be eligible for a grant to offset the cost of installing protective plumbing in your home.

What is the Residential Protective Plumbing Grant?

The Residential Protective Plumbing Grant is a cash incentive offered by the City of Ottawa to encourage residents who experienced basement backups caused by blockages or surcharging of city sewers to install protective plumbing devices.

Who is eligible for the grant program?

You may be eligible for a grant to offset the cost of installing protective plumbing if:

  • you are a homeowner living within the boundaries of the City of Ottawa; and
  • your property taxes have been paid; and
  • you have experienced a basement or cellar backup, or
  • live in an area that has experienced basement or cellar backups, and
  • the backups are:
    • caused by the surcharging of City sewers; and
    • can be verified through the City or Insurance Company records


For more information on the City Of Ottawa Protective Plumbing Program or to download the application form, please visit the City of Ottawa Website here