West End Flood Investigation Action Plan

“I expect to see more shovels in the ground this spring and I am working closely with staff to ensure these projects are a priority,” Councillor Allan Hubley

In the 2012 Budget City Council approved $24.2 million for initiatives including Glen Cairn storm pumping station, backwater valves, sump pumps, storm drainage system improvements, Hazeldean pumping station improvements.

Some projects you will see this year include, rehabilitation work  on Abbeyhill Drive, Surrey Lane, Country Lane & William’s Walk. Construction will also take place on a portion of Old Colony Road and Eagleson Road south of Abbeyhill Drive. The intent of this project is to improve overland drainage and reduce the risk of flooding in the area.  As a result of this construction, there will be added benefit to the residents by replacing aging sanitary sewers and watermains while streets will also be repaved where needed.

Also, several roadways will be regraded in both Glen Cairn and Katimavik.  The regrading of Castlefrank from Sheldrake to Terry Fox has already begun. There will also be regrading on Barrow Crescent, which will begin this summer.  Residents can expect minor disruptions at various pathways as well, which will also be regraded.  The purpose of these projects is to improve overland flow and mitigate the risk of flooding. 

There will be several berms completed this season in parks as a flood mitigation measure.  The berms will serve as protection for the surrounding houses in the case of extreme water levels.

For a more detailed look at these projects, please click on the links below. 


WEFI Spring/Summer 2012 Projects

Abbeyhill Area Rehabilitation

Dog Bone Berm

 Castlefrank Rd. Regrading & Laurie Ct.

Clarence Maheral Park Earth Berm

Overland Drainage Improvements at Dunoon Place

Overland Drainage Improvements at Oakburn Road

Peary Way Earth Berm

Barrow Crescent Overland Flow

Hazeldean Pumping Station Improvements

Hazeldean, Abbotsford, Morrena Regrading


Please follow the link below to see the West-End Flooding Investigation 24 July 2009 Rainstorm event phases 1 and 2 summary report.

January 2010

Phases 1 and 2 – Summary Report (final)

If you would like to know more about the WEFI, please click on the following link:  WEFI – Powerpoint (19 Jan 2012)


Additional Information

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