KS – January 5, 2017


Week in Review


NEW Businesses In Kanata South

In 2016 we welcomed more new businesses to Kanata South than ever before and I personally try to make the effort to thank each business for bringing more jobs and services to our community.

Sometimes it takes a couple of years from the start of the conversation on locating here to when a business actually is built and open.  One of my goals has been to reduce that time by improving the cooperation from the various city departments involved and reducing the time spent waiting for approvals.  As a member of our Planning committee and our Finance and Economic Development Committee (FEDCO), I am better able to assist potential new businesses find their way through the process.  Regular meetings with the Western Ottawa Board of Trade and supporting their efforts is another way we support local business.

The business park that includes Lockheed Martin, DRS Industries, KPMG, Home Depot, Costco, Movati and other fantastic businesses is nearly full now and vastly different than it was in 2010.

To date I have been able to add over 20 new uses to the zoning for our business park off Eagleson and Michael Cowpland and raise the height restrictions.  We have also relaxed the zoning on the lands along Terry Fox to Hope Side Road and Eagleson.  This will help attract more businesses to the area and create more jobs closer to where you live.  My goal is to extend Michael Cowpland from Eagleson to Terry Fox creating higher visibility, better bus service and other advantages to ensure long term sustainability for this business park.

With new businesses looking at various locations along Eagleson I believe the future is bright for Kanata South.


2017 Project

As a 2017 project I am pleased to invite you to join me in documenting the people, places and activities that make Kanata South a great place to live, work and play.

Please send me your ideas of who you think should be highlighted in our book and why

We will gather all your responses and compile them into a memory book available to everyone and placed in the Library for future generations to have a snapshot of what made Kanata South special in 2017.

We also want to know what places and activities you believe are special.  Maybe it is a local business, your favourite place to eat, a park or maybe it is the piano in the gazebo by the pond at the KRC.

Details regarding this project can be found on my website under the Community tab.


Upcoming Events

If you have an upcoming event that you would like promoted here, please send it to allan.hubley@ottawa.ca


Working for Kanata South:

It is my privilege to serve as your Councillor. Please feel free to contact my office with any concerns or comments, by phone: 613-580-2752, or by email: allan.hubley@ottawa.ca. You can also visit my website for more information: www.councillorallanhubley.ca or follow me on Twitter: @AllanHubley_23

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