KS July 11, 2013

Results from my casino survey:

Do you want a casino in your community? survey *Close to 400 people from the West End of Ottawa participated one factoring in phone calls, emails, and responses at the door

At the July 5 Transportation Committee, I voted against the building of a “complete street” on Main Street.  An example of a “complete street” is a road where you take four lanes and make it a two lane street by adding bike lanes and a wider sidewalk.  I do not support the idea of taking away traffic lanes for vehicles in order to replace them with segregated bike lanes.  It was important to oppose changing the streetscape on a North/South road corridor in a manner that would remove 300 cars an hour from the road.

Kanata South has a great network of bike paths and trails throughout the neighbourhoods behind houses, but not on the actual roadways.  I support this type of cycling infrastructure, because it is safe and separates pedestrians and cyclists from moving vehicles.  This is why I will never support a “complete street” in Kanata South.

I disagree with the idea of “complete streets” for arterials like Terry Fox, March, Carling, Eagleson, or Hazeldean.  I also disagree that people from Kanata South will cycle downtown to their jobs 12 month a year if we choke off their ability to drive. The distance combined with our harsh climate, make it an unlikely option for the average family. The 2011 National Household Survey conducted by Statistics Canada found that almost 93% of Canadians commuted to work by car, and that most drove by themselves.  I will not reduce the capacity of our roads for the few individuals that cycle at the expense of the majority of the population who drive. 

Week in Review:

On Sunday July 7, I attended the Kanata Knights Football Combine and Fun Day.  The event was open to all boys and girls ages 7 to 19, and did not require any previous football experience to participate. I would like to thank Normand Fortier, Paul McDonald, and Kanata Knights President Dan LaChance for the invitation to take part in such a successful event.

Upcoming Events:

If you know of any community events scheduled for this summer, I would love to hear about them!  Kanata South is a vibrant community with lots on the go! Please send my office details of any BBQs, block parties, picnics, or any other community events and we will do our best to join you and support your efforts.

Safety Reminder:

Please remember to check your catch basins and sewer grates for debris, and to ensure they are kept clear so that water may flow smoothly into the sewers.  I would also like to remind residents that during a significant rain event water is designed to build up on many of the streets in Kanata South, this is an intentional flood mitigation measure.  If you have any concerns please call 3-1-1.  If the issue is a catch basin blocked by debris, ask for operations, but if the catch basin is clear and there are still concerns, please ask for sewer operations.

Councillor’s Newsletter:

If you did not receive my recent e-newsletter and would like to be added to the list, please contact my office.

Working for Kanata South:

It is my privilege to serve as your Councillor. Please feel free to contact my office with any concerns or comments, by phone: 613-580-2752, or by email: Allan.Hubley@ottawa.ca. You can also visit my website for more information: www.councillorallanhubley.ca or follow me on Twitter: @AllanHubley_23.

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