KS – July 13, 2017


Week in Review

Hero’s in our Community

Back in April, Bridlewood resident Brian Wattie was walking along one of the trails in Kanata South when he collapsed and went into cardiac arrest.

Sandy (also a resident of Bridlewood) was out walking along this same pathway when she spotted a small poodle on a leash leading into the brush. As she approached, she spotted the figure of a man lying unconscious in the brush beside the path, holding the leash.

At this time another resident also happened upon the scene, and together they pulled Mr. Wattie out of the brush and began performing CPR while calling 911. They continued CPR until the Paramedic team arrived on scene and took over.

Mr. Wattie was transported to the hospital, and we have learned that CPR was performed by the two residents who happened upon Mr. Wattie and the Paramedic team for 45 minutes before he was stabilized at the hospital.   Although his prognosis was extremely serious, Mr. Wattie is back home recovering and gaining ground daily.

Mr. Wattie has no recollection of the event and recently had the opportunity to meet and thank the Paramedics who responded to the call. When asked how they found his location, the Paramedics said that upon driving into the community there were people standing on street corners and at the entrance to the pathway to direct the ambulance to the correct location, so that no time was wasted.

With Mr. Wattie’s permission, I wanted to share this story with you as I found it incredibly heartwarming and wanted to join Mr. Wattie and his family in thanking the two Bridlewood residents, the team of Paramedics and all those involved who acted quickly to direct the ambulance for their quick thinking and action that helped to save a life!

This story has demonstrated how important it is to know CPR as you never know when you might come across someone in need.  I will be offering a CPR/AED class at a reduced cost to interested residents.  Space is limited so sign up early to avoid disappointment.  For additional details and to reserve your spot please call 613-580-2752 or email me at Allan.hubley@ottawa.ca.


2017 Project 

As a 2017 project I am pleased to invite you to join me in documenting the people, places and activities that make Kanata South a great place to live, work and play.

Please send me your ideas of who you think should be highlighted in our book and why.

More details regarding this project can be found on my website under the Community tab.


Upcoming Events

Thursdays this summer, the Kanata Leisure Centre will be offering ‘Art in the Park’ from 10:30-11:30am for FREE.  Children ages 4-10 with guardian are invited to craft and play around a special weekly theme.

If you have any upcoming community events you would like posted, please email me at Allan.Hubley@ottawa.ca


Working for Kanata South:

It is my privilege to serve as your Councillor. Please feel free to contact my office with any concerns or comments, by phone: 613-580-2752, or by email: allan.hubley@ottawa.ca.

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