KS – July 20, 2017


Week in Review

Routine Sanitary Sewer Cleaning

Water Services is projected to complete routine sanitary sewer cleaning over the next couple of weeks in Kanata South. The following streets will have cleaning from July 17, 2017 to July 21, 2017. Please visit my website weekly (Fridays) for an updated listing of the schedule of streets to be done: www.CouncillorAllanHubley.ca

Easement – Bernier Terr. to Castlefrank Rd.
Easement – Byrd Cr. to Katimavik Rd.
Easement – Herschel Cr. to Katimavik Rd.
Katimavik Rd.
Palladium Dr.
Sewell Way.
Shatner Gt.
Silver Seven Rd.

With this work there is always a potential that it could affect homeowners. Please take a look at the following tips to protect your home and property from any potential damage:

  • Ensure footing drains direct water to the storm sewer or sump pump, away from the foundation. Footing drains should not be connected to the sanitary sewer system.
  • Ensure water run-off on the property is flowing to the ground surface or storm drainage system, not the sanitary system.
  • Install protective plumbing devices (such as backwater valves) that protect against sewer backups, and inspect them regularly.
  • Ensure service pipes between the municipal sewer main and the house are in good operating condition.
  • In rare instances, the pressure from sewer cleaning operations can create a vacuum and blowback water through home fixtures, such as toilets. During this period, it is important to keep the toilet lids down at all times. If your house experiences a blowback, please contact the City immediately at 3-1-1 or by e-mail at 311@ottawa.ca.

For more information on sewer cleaning and wastewater collection, please visit ottawa.ca or contact 3-1-1.


Back to School Supplies Needed

The Kanata Food Cupboard has launched their annual Back-to-School Program for 2017.

Purchasing school supplies can be very costly and put financial stress on many families. The Kanata Food Cupboard provides school supplies to families in hopes of easing that burden.

Last year they assisted 103 families in Kanata, totalling 250 children and 10 adults with our Back-to-School Program.  Please visit my website for a full list of supplies needed.

Your help in making back to school a positive experience for all Kanata families is greatly appreciated. Items can be dropped at the Kanata Food Cupboard Warehouse location, 340 Legget Drive, Door #46, Monday to Friday 9am-12noon, or at any of our donation bins at seven various grocery stores in Kanata.

If you have any questions, please contact Cara-Leigh Wyllie at cco@kanatafoodcupboard.ca


2017 Project

As a 2017 project I am pleased to invite you to join me in documenting the people, places and activities that make Kanata South a great place to live, work and play.

More details regarding this project can be found on my website under the Community tab.


Upcoming Events

If you have any upcoming community events you would like posted, please email me at Allan.Hubley@ottawa.ca


Working for Kanata South:

It is my privilege to serve as your Councillor. Please feel free to contact my office with any concerns or comments, by phone: 613-580-2752, or by email: allan.hubley@ottawa.ca.

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