Letter to the Editor of the Kanata Kourier – August 7, 2015

Dear Editor of the Kanata Kourier

In response to your editorial of August 6, 2015, please let me say that I was surprised that as the Kanata paper with a strong history in our community, you would be supporting LRT expansion beyond the current planned route to the east and south with no mention of support for the extension to Kanata.

Many of your readers will know that the current traffic management challenges going into Ottawa from the west are growing and this includes our buses that regularly get caught for long periods of time in traffic.  We know we cannot add more buses as the current system capacity is at the maximum.  LRT is the solution that experts recommend and many residents support.

The population outside the Greenbelt to the west is the largest in Ottawa and growing at a much faster rate as we have built a community that everyone loves to live, work and play in. 

There are more than 60,000 jobs in our area and we are working on facilitating many more jobs to come here in the future.  Having the strong job base here creates a two way volume in passengers which is key to building an efficient system.  The plan to expand to Trim Road for what may be a big part of the cost to get to Kanata, does not add any new passengers.

The City’s Official Plan shows that the west area will continue to have more people and more jobs than to the east or even to the south by 2031, which is the present time horizon for our official plans.  The population and the economic growth in the west end creates jobs, businesses and tax revenues that contribute to citywide infrastructure.  As the Ottawa Senators said last year, without LRT service to Kanata they were moving and I have no doubt others may make the same decision if we as a community and you as a community paper do not support LRT to Kanata.

Along with the other west end councillors, Qadri, Wilkinson, Moffatt and El-Chantiry, I have been working hard to bring LRT to Kanata.  After working with staff and with the strong support of Mayor Jim Watson, in June, I tabled a motion to make LRT a reality sooner for Kanata.  My motion was supported by every Councillor in the city because we all recognize the important economic contribution that the west end makes to the city. 

Along with Mayor Watson and my fellow Councillors, we have a vision of a true west to east to south LRT service for all residents. I hope you will consider changing your position.


Allan Hubley, Councillor

Ward23 Kanata South

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