Natural Gas Fleet Strategy at Waste Management

With more than 32,000 collection and support vehicles on the road throughout North America, Waste Management has committed to reducing the environmental impacts of these vehicles.  WM has over 1,000 natural gas trucks on the road, the largest heavy-duty fleet of natural gas trucks in North America.

WM has committed to transitioning it’s 18,000 Class 8 collection vehicles from diesel to natural gas.  For every truck that is converted, WM reduces their use of diesel fuel by an average of  8,000 gallons per year.

-Natural gas trucks emit fewer emissions than diesel trucks

-Natural gas trucks are quieter, easier to maintain and weigh less than diesel trucks

-Natural gas trucks provide a bridge to future zero tailpipe emission vehicles.  They can use biomethane from landfill gas, sewage treatment facilities and dairies , which reduces GHG emissions by over 80%.

Kanata South is one of the first areas around Ottawa where these new trucks will be used.

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