Old Landsdowne vs. New Landsdowne

Comparison Chart between Old Landsdowne and the New TD Place at Landsdowne


Old   Lansdowne

NEW   Lansdowne

Asphalt 26.8 acres (Lansdowne’s total property is 38.6 acres) 1.8 acres (accessible pathways through greenspace for pedestrians   and cyclists, ramps and access lanes)
Park Space 6 acres (including the stadium playing field) 18.5 acres (including public plazas)
Trees 230  880
Event Spaces Four (Aberdeen Pavilion, Civic Centre, stadium, Farmers’   Market) Twenty (Bank Street Esplanade, Aberdeen Way, Lansdowne Way,   residential courts, retail courts, the Event Square, Aberdeen Square   (Farmers’ Market), the East Court, the Skating Court, the Great Porch, the   Great Lawn, the Water Plaza and Beacon, Civic Demonstration Gardens, the   Children’s Play Space, the Hill and Screen, the South Berms, the Stadium   Plaza, the Stadium Field, Aberdeen Pavilion, Civic Centre)
Bicycle parking spaces 32 450 (1,970 on major event days when two bicycle corrals would   be used)
Sidewalks and Pathways 35 metres (approximate) 7.2 kilometres
Bench seating for the public 20 benches One kilometre of benches and seating walls

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