October, 2012



Pulling Buckthorn roots at Young’s Pond. Once the invasive Buckthorn is pulled, new trees are then planted.


Councillor Hubley speaking to student volunteers from Holy Trinity at Young’s Pond.


Councillor Hubley giving a mock press conference for journalism students at Carleton University.


Mayor Watson, Councillor Hubley and Dr.Levy at the Ottawa Public Health flu clinic.


Councillor Hubley receiving his flu shot.


Mayor Watson and Councillor Hubley with Gerri at the OPH flu clinic.


Councillor Hubley being interviewed by 10 year old Audrey Allan for a school project.


Chief Bordeleau and Councillor Hubley at 9 Run Run.


Councillors Qadri and Hubley at the starting line for the 9 Run Run event.


Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to mark the Opening of the Waste Management new Compressed Natural Gas Facility.


Councillor Hubley and former Mayor Jacquelin Holzman at the Waste Management Grand Opening Ceremony


Councillor Hubley thanking Kanata crossing guard Barbara Atkins during National School Safety Week.


Councillors Egli and Hubley and their families with Mark Saunders.


Councillor Hubley with Pamela Von Twilight at Saunders Farm.


The Holy Trinity Rhythm and Blues Band who performed at the Scaring is Caring event at Saunders Farm.


Councillor Hubley with the Saunders, police chief Bordeleau and his wife, Janice Baressi of YSB and Colin McSweeney.


Councillor Hubley with his son Jamie’s friends at the Scaring is Caring event at Saunders Farm.



Councillor Hubley welcoming guests at his first Senior’s Meet and Greet held at the KRC on October 12th, 2012


Councillor Hubley introducing Robin Averill, who entertained guests at the Meet and Greet.


Guests enjoyed an afternoon of dancing!


Councillor Hubley speaking to a guest at the Seniors Meet and Greet.



Councillor Hubley speaking with Helene Campbell at the Mayor’s Youth Summit on October 12th, 2012


City Councillors, Mayor Watson, Michaelle Jean and Helene Campbell at the Mayor’s Youth Summit.


Councillor Hubley, Mayor Watson and some members of the Holy Trinity band right before they performed O Canada at Council.


Councillor Hubley speaking to the students from the Holy Trinity Band.



Councillor Hubley and music teacher Mr. Bateman with members of the Holy Trinity High School Band.


Congratulations to the Ottawa U girls softball team who are wearing Acceptance bracelets in memory of Jamie.


Mayor Watson and Councillor Hubley at the Corps of Commissionaires Awards.


Councillor Hubley speaking to Holy Trinity students before their Terry Fox run.


Holy Trinity students getting ready for their Terry Fox run.


Councillor Hubley with volunteers “Cleaning the Capital” along Castlefrank Rd.