Please Help John Young E.S.

 John Young is a 35 year-old institution servicing Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6 students. Come next September JY will have a population of close to 600 students.

This summer their playstructure was deemed unfit for use and subsequently torn down a month ago.  The school along with the support of their school council and community have been raising money for the last 4 years in hopes of getting a new playstructure.

They have raised $40,000 so far and will need another $100,000.  John Young has entered the Aviva Community Fund competition in hopes of winning money for their new structure.  Please follow the link below and register to vote for the John Young playstructure! You can vote once a day for

the remainder of the competition (12 days).  Voting only takes a minute…let’s help one of our community schools get a new playstructure!


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