Young’s Pond August 19, 2011

Elimination of the Skating Rink is Not Part of the Revitalization of Young’s Pond

It has been brought to my attention that misleading information was recently distributed to residents in the community regarding the revitalization of Young’s Pond. The information distributed by the Katimavik-Hazeldean Community Association (KHCA) states that the revitalization of the pond requires the elimination of the rink. This information is false; the pond will continue to serve as a skating rink in the winter.

 At no time did the authors of the information contact my office for clarification before distributing this information. Having a long involvement with outdoor rinks in our Ward, I understand the importance of the rink to the residents, and I can assure you this project will only enhance the operation of the rink.  I also understand that residents, who have lived near the pond or visited the location over the years, know the area will benefit from a revitalization effort.

 During last year’s election campaign, I spoke to many residents in Katimavik who have provided great ideas for the revitalization of Young’s Pond and asked that I make it a priority if elected.  Since taking office, we have been developing a concept for the park.  I have talked to residents about the high level plans this year as I have returned to your door as part of my plan to keep informed on what matters to my community.  As I have stated since June and directly to the KHCA, I will be holding a public meeting this Fall to present a concept plan which will include the options we have available along with the facts and figures required to make an informed decision. 

 The revitalization of Young’s Pond is meant to enhance the pond and the park. This will provide a benefit to the community and the ward as a whole. Plans for the revitalization are in the preliminary stages and include: a boardwalk, benches, picnic tables, knowledge board, and more. The boardwalk for example, would be placed along the side of the pond to allow better accessibility for residents and serve as a convenient location for families to lace up their skates in the winter.

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