Statement regarding graphic flyers being distributed

July 05, 2015

Many residents have contacted me recently regarding the anti abortion flyers that have been distributed around some areas of the ward. I fully agree with residents that this material is offensive and most likely counter-productive to the circulating groups cause.  However, their rights in Canada are that they can distribute their message as can other groups because as Canadians, we believe in free speech and very limited government censorship.

This means municipalities like Ottawa cannot pass bylaws saying any legal message can be barred from the federal mail service nor can we stop it from being dropped at your door.

Personally I have been encouraging parents to rip up the cards so children don’t view them and recycle them.

While it is unfortunate this group is targeting  one political leader I sincerely doubt any of the other political leaders support their message or especially their tactics of exposing children to horrific photos such as the images in this flyer.

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