Upcoming Road Closure on Kincardine Drive

Monday, 24 June 2013 




In accordance with The Road Activity By-law 2003-445, permission is hereby granted for you to close the following roadway: 

On: Kincardine Drive         At: Hazeldean Road  


Under the following conditions:


  • Tuesday, 2 July 2013 to Friday, 5 July 2013.

Public Notification:

  • Notify affected residents/businesses, in writing, a minimum of 72 hours prior to the closure. The notification must include a description of any temporary changes to local access and/or parking.


  • Contractor to follow the terms and conditions of the contract ISD10-7025 pertaining to traffic management during construction.
  • Maintain access to adjacent dwellings at all times.  This includes emergency vehicle access. 
  • Maintain pedestrian access and provide pedestrian detour routes if necessary. 
  • Provide “Road Closed – Local Traffic Only – No Exit” (TC-7 urban + TC-7tA + TC-7tB + TC-39) signs on Halkirk immediately west of Terry Fox facing westbound traffic.
  • Provide “Road Closed – Local Traffic Only – No Exit” (TC-7 urban + TC-7tA + TC-7tB + TC-39) signs on Kincardine immediately north of Kincardine facing northbound traffic.
  • Provide “Road Closed – Do Not Enter” (TC-7 urban + TC-7tA + Rb-92) signs on all sides of the work zone when it is impossible to pass. Provide any additional signs, barricades, barrels or other traffic control devices as required to completely close the roadway at these locations. Note: If the closure  point is at any of the intersections, replace the Local Traffic Only – No Exit signs with the Do Not Enter.


  • Contact Heather Bond, Work Activity Coordinator (613-580-2424 x 16051) if dates of closure change from those stated on the application.
  • Provide all other temporary condition signs as may be required by the OTM Book 7 or by Jeff LaRocque, Traffic Management Inspector (613-327-5095).

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