Update on Flood Mitigation Efforts – June 27, 2014

Update on Flood Mitigation Efforts – June 27, 2014


I wanted to take the opportunity to provide you with an update on flood mitigation efforts.

Tuesday’s severe rain event was a significant test of the flood mitigation work that has been completed or is near completion in Kanata South. The rain fell steadily all day and very intensely for one hour during the evening, causing significant accumulation of water on our streets.

I am pleased to report that the solutions implemented by the City did exactly what we needed, and that is to keep the water out of your basements! As a result of this week’s severe rainstorm event we have had several reports of basement flooding that are being investigated by City staff, none of which are in the area that flooded in 2009.

311 operators were very busy with calls of water on streets and in rising creeks but they managed the volumes and dispatched City crews throughout the night. City crews redirected traffic, cleared drains, investigated reports and monitored the storm system all night to ensure the water stayed out of your basement. My sincere appreciation to all that were involved in the effort especially the residents who stopped their cars or came out of their homes to help others.

As mentioned, many of the calls received were related to water on the street. I personally visited many of the sites and witnessed how well the system is working now. In talking to residents who came out to see the large puddles for themselves, as well as talking to people at the road barricades, it was clear that it is time for a reminder of how the storm water is managed here and in many other municipalities around the world.

It is important to know that water on the street is a good sign. It means it is not in your basement! When we experienced flooding in 2009 it was in many cases because the system overloaded. Now we have inlet control devices or ICDs in over 1,000 catch basins that ensure the system can manage the flows. That means bigger puddles that may take a couple of hours to disappear as well as causing you to drive slowly through them, but it also means your family and property are safe. That is my top priority.

We are always monitoring the ponding of the water and improvements will be made where needed such as in front of the Hazeldean Library. The City is working with the church to reduce the water flowing down the hill to the street, and next week road repairs will begin now that school is out. By the end of the summer, the biggest puddle area will be gone.

Please let me know if you have any questions on storm water management in your area. If you are experiencing large puddles on your street, please take pictures if possible and let me know.  We will continue to do our best to keep your basement dry!

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