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Wednesday May 1, 2013

Kanata – As per my commitment in January of this year to the residents of Kanata South, Hydro Ottawa launched a comprehensive five-point action plan aimed at addressing the level of service reliability in Kanata South.

I am pleased to report that I am continuing to work directly with Hydro Ottawa and we are making progress!  Hydro Ottawa has replaced two key pieces of equipment that caused large-scale outages in December 2012.  They have accelerated the level of inspection activity across the Kanata service territory to identify and replace infrastructure before it fails.  In addition to these investments, we have put in place a series of state of the art condition monitoring systems at a number of the key transformer stations in Kanata. Finally, Hydro Ottawa has assigned a number of additional staff to our service territory to ensure that outages are addressed and rectified as quickly as possible.  

The final aspect of this action plan was a comprehensive review of the electrical grid and network in Kanata.  I am pleased to confirm that I have received the report for consideration. This report provides a comprehensive review of the electrical system in Kanata, and summarizes the very significant level of investment and infrastructure renewal taking place to improve our service reliability in Kanata.  

In an effort to continuously improve Hydro Ottawa’s service to you – their customer, they are making an investment of $8 Million into the Kanata South area in 2013 on items such as switchgear replacements, pole line reconstruction as well as line extensions.

The new Terry Fox Transformer Station is expected to be energized in November 2013, providing additional supplies to Ward 23 with the purpose of meeting the growing capacity needs in the area.

Hydro Ottawa will continue to invest in the Kanata South system, as they do throughout the entire Hydro Ottawa service territory to maintain and enhance the reliability of electricity supply.  While power outages cannot be completely eliminated as many are caused by factors outside of Hydro Ottawa’s control (foreign interference, animal contacts, loss of supply from the provincial grid, etc), I feel that they will and have taken the necessary steps to reduce outages that do occur and their impacts.

At this time I want to thank all the people from Hydro Ottawa who have worked on this review and in particular, Bryce Conrad, President of Hydro Ottawa for his leadership in addressing the issues in Kanata South in such a quick and through manner.

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For further information please contact:

Dan White

Office of Councillor Allan Hubley

Kanata South (Ward 23)



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