KS- July 17, 2014

 Audit of the Orgaworld ContractAs Vice Chair of the Audit Committee I am pleased that we delivered this audit promptly after the arbitration process was completed as I know many residents wanted to know the facts around how the previous council voted for this $140 million contract.  I trust you will agree that the audit laid out the facts around the contract – warts and all.

This council needs to take every necessary step to ensure ‎the problems highlighted in this audit are not repeated however, when we look at where the problems are, I believe we also need to have context and consider how many things the city is doing very well.

In our community since I was elected in 2010 for example, we have completed over $35 million in storm water upgrades to mitigate the risk of flooding for families – on time and on budget. We have completed over 30 million in ‎hydro upgrades to reduce the blackouts that used to be so regular for many residents and businesses.   These are just two examples of your tax dollars at work for you and being spent wisely.

This Mayor and council have brought more accountability, transparency and more fiscal responsibility to city hall.  We have cleaned up many of what I call ‘landmines’.  This contract will also be dealt with responsibly now that we have the full picture of what happened.   For example we have brought in a records retention policy that has consequences if the documentation such as what is missing for Orgaworld is not produced and kept.  We have created more oversight of the programs, services and corporate decision making at city hall.   We have ordered a re-evaluation of this contract that will look at canceling or renegotiation of it if necessary.  This time the numbers will be confirmed by the Auditor General before a decision is made. 

I hope we can all agree that no employee or councillor wants to be associated to an audit report like this one in the future, so it is sending a very strong message to every employee to make certain of the facts and be respectful of taxpayers money that we are entrusted to manage.  As the Vice Chair of Audit, I can assure you that we are constantly looking at the various activities of the city for examples of what needs to be improved to ensure there are no more examples of bad management like this contract.  As your Councillor, I will continue to do my best to make certain the focus is on value for your tax dollar in everything the city does.


Celebrate our Community Heroes

Please join me on Saturday July 19th from 2-5 pm to celebrate an exceptional member of our community, Laura Dubois.  This family friendly celebration will be held at Don Cherry’s (320 Eagleson Road).  If you have a special memory or story about Laura that you would like to share, please bring it with you, or e-mail it to my office @ allan.hubley@ottawa.ca as we will be compiling all submissions into a keepsake book for Laura!