Week in Review


Planning Committee Decision on the Red Barn

This past week at Planning Committee we made a decision to move the red barn on Hazeldean Road in Stittsville to Saunders Farm.

This was not an easy decision for the Committee. Heritage experts remind us of the need to preserve older buildings in their context and people came to offer their personal suggestions to reuse the barn.  I went into the meeting with an open mind on the issue and studied the various proposals.

At committee we learned that those that wanted to reuse the barn on site had proposals that didn’t look like the barn that we were trying to preserve. Instead, we saw pictures of stores and restaurants that might have the curve of the roof but little else to remind our future generations of the context or the use the barn was built for and used in our early days.

When being offered the building under a local improvement program, where residents wanting to do something with the barn would pay for it over a ten year period, there was no interest.  In fact, it became very clear there was only interest in spending either your tax dollars or the current owner’s money. I was frankly disappointed.

The community design plan for the area shows the area as multi story apartments or it could also be part of the big box retail currently going up around it.  Having a barn next to either tells me the context will be lost. I pictured myself years from now explaining to my grandchildren that this is what a barn looked like but without any of the buildings you see around it. That would be confusing for anyone to understand.

The idea put forward by the owner of the property was at their significant expense, in the range over $500,000.00, they would have it professionally taken apart and rebuilt at Saunders Farm.  At the farm it would become part of a reproduction of what a community looked like back in the day the barn was built for and include multiple buildings of the Era.  This to me and the majority of members (7-2) best provided the context we were looking for. Now when I show my grandchildren, they will have a better visual of what life was like back then.

It was a tough decision for all involved but it is our job to think to listen to all sides and make the right choice that respects the wishes of the majority.


Upcoming Events

February 6th: Hockey Day in Ottawa is Saturday Feb.6th from 1-3pm! Lace up your skates and take to one of the City’s outdoor rinks for a sunny Saturday afternoon of fun. Enjoy a game of pick-up hockey, skating, and physical fitness while showing support for your community volunteers who work hard all winter to maintain your local rinks.


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